Airbus Aircraft

Goshawk is pleased to offer Airbus A320neo and A321neo aircraft for lease.

Aircraft Outer View
Aircraft Inner View

Equipment, Configuration and Furnishing Cabin

  • 175 seats (A320 baseline, customisable)
  • G1/G5 galleys
  • Standard lavatories (A, E & D)
  • Bulk cargo standard (option for cargo loading system)
  • i PRAM
  • CIDS
  • Ozone converters
  • Photo luminescent escape path lighting

Equipment, Configuration and Furnishing Flight Deck

  • Smiths/Thales or Honeywell FMCS
  • Triple ADIRS
  • Single WXR
  • Dual R.M.P.
  • Single H.F. and provision for dual H.F.
  • Dual MMR/VHF
  • Dual DME/Single ADF
  • Cat 3a
  • ETOPS 180 min
  • Dual RAD ALT
  • Flight deck door video surveillance system


Weights A320neo A321neo
MTOW 73.5 – 79T 89 – 97T
MLW 66.3T 66.3T
MZFW 62.8T 62.8T
Thrust PW 1127 or PW 1133 G or CFM Leap IA – 27 PW 1133 G or CFM Leap IA – 27 CFM Leap IA32

Note: Aircraft are specified as the Basic Weight and thrust variant but may be delivered as any OEM offerable variant with sufficient lead time.