Boeing Aircraft

Goshawk is pleased to offer Boeing 737-8/-10 aircraft for lease.

Aircraft Outer View
Aircraft Inner View

Equipment, Configuration and Furnishing Cabin

  • Boeing Sky Interior
  • Provision for ozone converters and zonal drying units
  • Full galleys (G1, G2, G4B) or option of Pax Plus rear galley (extra cost)
  • 3 advanced Lavatories (1 forward, 2 aft) or option of 2 Pax Plus rear lavatories (extra cost)
  • Heavy duty cargo liners
  • Heavy duty aisle floor
  • Passenger power outlet provision
  • Photo luminescent escape path lighting
  • Cabin WiFi provisions
  • Seats as specified by customer
  • 189Y standard class or option of 2 class

Equipment, Configuration and Furnishing Flight Deck

  • Dual FMC and MCDU, RNP capable
  • 2 observers seats
  • Single colour weather radar with integrated windshear warning
  • ETOPS 180 min capable
  • Cat 3a autoland capable and GLS Cat 1 (options)
  • Enhanced E6 Rack
  • Triple 8.33kHz VHF Coms and provision for Dual HF with CMU Datalink (Collins or Honeywell)
  • Integrated approach navigation
  • ADS-B
  • Cellular modem
  • Flight deck door video surveillance system
  • Paint in lessee colour scheme


Weights 737-8 737-10
MTOW 169,000 lbs 181,500 lbs
MLW 152,800 lbs 167,400 lbs
Thrust 145,400 lbs 160,000 lbs

Note: Aircraft are specified as the basic weight and thrust variant but may be delivered as any OEM offerable variant with sufficient lead time.